The aircraft dashboard

Let’s start equipping the cockpit with the dashboard structure. I am inspired by the 2 rare photos of it. I used layer to trace the shape of the table before to cut it in 2 mm (05⁄64 In) balsa. Once the shape determined and cut, I added sticks of hardwood and a wood piece, which… Continuer de lire The aircraft dashboard

Le tableau de bord

Commençons l’équipement de la cabine de pilotage par la structure du tableau de bord. Je m’inspire des 2 rares photos de celui-ci. J’utilise du calque pour tracer la forme du tableau avant que je découpe dans du balsa de 2 mm. Une fois la forme déterminée et découpée, j’ai rajouté des baguettes de bois dur… Continuer de lire Le tableau de bord

Reproduce the engine cover

After finishing the doors, I start the mockup details of the front part of the Potez 58. Below is an enlarged photo of the front part with the engine access hatches behind the hood. We can clearly see that it is a metal sheet which covers the formwork part of the fuselage. I first drew… Continuer de lire Reproduce the engine cover

Covering and supplementary weight

I finished wrapping the different faces of the fuselage. As a reminder, I put a layer of nitrocellulose coating, followed by a light sanding to remove the wood fibers and then, I applied a layer of fiberglass at 25 g / m2 glued to the coating.The fuselage before interfacing weighed 745 g. He took 22g… Continuer de lire Covering and supplementary weight

Engine hood adjustment

And yes, the hood is not finished. I managed to recover a tiff photo of the Potez 58 (Thanks Alban) and suddenly, I was able to gain enough magnification to see the details of the hood. As a result, we can see that my rounded shape on the front does not conform and that there… Continuer de lire Engine hood adjustment

Fiber and resin on the parts to be molded 2

So I continued on the engine hood. For the latter, I would like to be able to recover the shape to keep the mold. Who knows. Two hoods can be useful: an error in the cuts, a breakage, or a somewhat hard landing. I started by covering the mold with a layer of liquid release… Continuer de lire Fiber and resin on the parts to be molded 2