The aircraft dashboard

Let’s start equipping the cockpit with the dashboard structure. I am inspired by the 2 rare photos of it. I used layer to trace the shape of the table before to cut it in 2 mm (05⁄64 In) balsa. Once the shape determined and cut, I added sticks of hardwood and a wood piece, which… Continuer de lire The aircraft dashboard

Le tableau de bord

Commençons l’équipement de la cabine de pilotage par la structure du tableau de bord. Je m’inspire des 2 rares photos de celui-ci. J’utilise du calque pour tracer la forme du tableau avant que je découpe dans du balsa de 2 mm. Une fois la forme déterminée et découpée, j’ai rajouté des baguettes de bois dur… Continuer de lire Le tableau de bord

The engine cover continued

I continued working on my engine hood with the closing system. To do this, I took the piano hinge to which, I removed the axle and I blew up a few passafe links from the axle so that I could put hooks. Each half hinge is glued to the parts to be closed with epoxy… Continuer de lire The engine cover continued

Reproduce the engine cover

After finishing the doors, I start the mockup details of the front part of the Potez 58. Below is an enlarged photo of the front part with the engine access hatches behind the hood. We can clearly see that it is a metal sheet which covers the formwork part of the fuselage. I first drew… Continuer de lire Reproduce the engine cover

Fuselage covering

I started finishing the fuselage in September.I used a 25 g per square meter of glass fiber bonded to the nitrocellulose coating.The fuselage is sanded to rectify as much as possible all the defects which have been corrected beforehand with light balsa coating.Everything is ready, I’m outside, because it’s going to sniff beefy and it’s… Continuer de lire Fuselage covering

Model scale details for fairings

For the finishing of the wheel fairings, I used a detailed enlargement of an old photo of the size which allowed me to see that I have to redraw the shapes. Which is done with a cutting disc. I have a total of 3 fairings. I first redid a general sanding with very fine water… Continuer de lire Model scale details for fairings

Fairings continued

While waiting for the rest, I redid 2 wheel fairings. Indeed, I had damaged one. The technique has not changed, the plywood templates are glued to the roofmat, which are cut out. The templates are removed before sanding the shaped part. I packed the 2 pieces in packing tape. Here they are below near the… Continuer de lire Fairings continued