Potez 58, 500 heures de construction en vidéo, 1ère partie

J’ai résumé en vidéo les quelques 500 heures que j’ai passées à construire le Potez 58. Ci-dessous, la première partie de la vidéo. La seconde partie d’ici …. quand l’avion sera terminé.

Potez 58, tailplane construction

The construction advances and continues with the realization of the tailplane. Rudder and elevator have biconvex profiles with a central core in 0.4 mm plywood. The construction is therefore done with a half rib wedged on the bench, same for the edges of attacks and trailing, then bonding of the core above. Once the glue… Continuer de lire Potez 58, tailplane construction

POTEZ 58, Part 3

At the end of 2016, I took over the construction of the Potez and in particular the tail plane, then installed the wing keys. February 2017 is the assembly of the club (CACH 37), I discussed with the president of my project and he said to me : « you should speak to Alban about it ».… Continuer de lire POTEZ 58, Part 3

Epp Sv4 Stampe assembly almost finished ?

The assembly of the SV4 stampe in 85 cm epp is advancing and almost nearing its end. To start, I cut the location of the aileron servos which were then glued on site Installation of elevator and rudder servos. They are glued with a drop of hot glue. Horns are glued on the rear tail… Continuer de lire Epp Sv4 Stampe assembly almost finished ?

Epp stampe SV4 assembly continues (2)

The assembly of the stampe continues with the installation of hinges on the control surfaces of ailerons. I use mini hinges which I find top for planes of this scale. Once the glue dried, I realized the « joining » of the ailerons of both high and low wing. To do this, I used a 0.8 mm… Continuer de lire Epp stampe SV4 assembly continues (2)