Potez 58 : Over 500 hours in minutes, Part 1

I have summarized on video the 500 hours I spent building the Potez 58. Below, the first part of the video. The second part… when the plane is finished.

Potez 58, 500 heures de construction en vidéo, 1ère partie

J’ai résumé en vidéo les quelques 500 heures que j’ai passées à construire le Potez 58. Ci-dessous, la première partie de la vidéo. La seconde partie d’ici …. quand l’avion sera terminé.

Joint filler on fuselage

So I appied a putty on the fuselage to hide the joints between the collages of several pieces. It dried and I sanded tonight after work. OUTSIDE the sanding to avoid to irritate Madam …. It must not rain

JI finished the sandings and the junctions between the boards are perfect. Well almost …. perfection is not of this world …..

Next, it will be the trap doors and the wing supports.