Scale details on engine cover

There were a lot of details to reproduce on the engine hood. Apart from the structural lines that I had already made, I reproduced the rivets last night. Long work and I had to remove it sometimes and start again until I am satisfied with the result. The rivets are made with white glue. In… Continuer de lire Scale details on engine cover

The engine cover continued

I continued working on my engine hood with the closing system. To do this, I took the piano hinge to which, I removed the axle and I blew up a few passafe links from the axle so that I could put hooks. Each half hinge is glued to the parts to be closed with epoxy… Continuer de lire The engine cover continued

Reproduce the engine cover

After finishing the doors, I start the mockup details of the front part of the Potez 58. Below is an enlarged photo of the front part with the engine access hatches behind the hood. We can clearly see that it is a metal sheet which covers the formwork part of the fuselage. I first drew… Continuer de lire Reproduce the engine cover

Doors closing system

After having cut the doors (see my previous posts) on the sides of the fuselage, I now had to provide an opening and closing fixing system.I used the mini piano hinge that I presented on the door and the fuselage and then cut the hinge to the right size. A little sanding to adjust it… Continuer de lire Doors closing system

Open the doors

Everything is said in the title. I started by tracing the doors on the fuselage. Then cut with dremel. Straight lines were cut with a disc. The curved parts were drilled (more delicate, do not shake) Then delicately take off the door frame from spars… A bit of blenderm to visualize the result. It is… Continuer de lire Open the doors

Covering and supplementary weight

I finished wrapping the different faces of the fuselage. As a reminder, I put a layer of nitrocellulose coating, followed by a light sanding to remove the wood fibers and then, I applied a layer of fiberglass at 25 g / m2 glued to the coating.The fuselage before interfacing weighed 745 g. He took 22g… Continuer de lire Covering and supplementary weight