The aircraft dashboard

Let’s start equipping the cockpit with the dashboard structure. I am inspired by the 2 rare photos of it. I used layer to trace the shape of the table before to cut it in 2 mm (05⁄64 In) balsa. Once the shape determined and cut, I added sticks of hardwood and a wood piece, which… Continuer de lire The aircraft dashboard

The cockpit

Any scale airplane model must have its cockpit reproduced. The problem with the Potez 58 is that the full-size aircraft no longer exists and that documentation is scarce. However, thanks to the Paris Air and Space Museum and our friends from the Angers GPPA thanks to whom I still had some documents. Below, the appearance… Continuer de lire The cockpit

Finally, I see it, excited and happy

Yes, finally, I see it. After almost 10 years of imagining it, I can finally see it. A provisional cross, but which allows me to imagine the final version. I still have a lot of work, but finally I see it. Really excited and happy Quelques photos de l’avion seul.

Painting of the fuselage completed

And yes, the paint is not yet dry, but I can’t resist the pleasure of presenting you the fuselage with these beautiful colors. I am very proud of it. It really takes shape. I still have a lot of work left, the registration, the masts, the landing gear, the fake engine, the radiator and the… Continuer de lire Painting of the fuselage completed

The windshield of Potez 58

The windshield of the Potez 58 is a bit tortuous to put in place with a very curved frame and many rivets to reproduce To make it, I cut the frame in 5/10 plywood. After soaking it in water, I presented it on the fuselage to find the fit. I had to do three before… Continuer de lire The windshield of Potez 58