Construction of a hand-launched glider, Lucas Lepretre’s construction plan

Lucas, a friend on Facebook posted a video a few days ago of one of his constructions and the flight of a hand-launched « LLD » glider / DLG depron DIY « glider.

This glider is 80 cm wide and the plan is available on the Lucas’ you tube page. After some exchanges of messages to have some technical details, it is decided, I initiating the construction. I am all the more motivated that when resuming club activities, a member came to fly to the field with another launched hand and I loved it.

First step, printing and assembly of the plan and cutting of the parts on 3 and 6 mm (0.12 and 0.24 In) depron styrofoam.

The wing is made in 6 mm (0.24 In) depron and is sanded to give a profile to the wing. To do this, I have lean on the right edge of a table and I delimited the transition zone between the leading edge and the trailing edge.

The warhead is also sanded to give it a rounded shape. I added to the original plan of Lucas, an upper part to the warhead to form a cover above the electronics, which will be installed in the warhead.

A little decoration of the wings, with green paint for children, passed with a brush.

I then added 3 x 1 mm (0.12 x 0.04 In) carbon plates in the wings, the stabilizer and the fin to strengthen. The wing is glued with an 8 ° dihedral and the fin set in place on the fuselage beam. The latter is a 5 x 5 mm (0.2 x 0.2 In) hardwood rod.

I still have to cover the depron with a lamination film to protect it, to finish the assembly and to install the radio