A mini indoor Potez 58. Specifications.

Too frustrating to be confined to the house with this damn COVID19. Do not give up, stay at home and above all continue to build. I am embarking on a new challenge. Make a mini Potez 58 to fly indoors and why not in my living room …. For this second objective, not so confident,… Continuer de lire A mini indoor Potez 58. Specifications.

Ignition, the magneto

And yes, the magneto which allows ignition when starting the engine on large aircraft is not yet reproduced on the dashboard. It is located on the far left; the number 1 on the photo below and you can see that it is missing on my reproduction. below is an enlarged photo of the instrument of… Continuer de lire Ignition, the magneto

How I reproduced the rivets on the dashboard

The dashboard is not yet finished. It lacks a lot of details and in particular the rivets fixing instrument and those allowing to fix the board on the chassis in the cockpit. So I started laying the rivets with a drop of white glue diluted slightly in water. Here is the result below as soon… Continuer de lire How I reproduced the rivets on the dashboard

Dashboard instruments

I used the rare photos of the full-size aircraft from 1935 to model the locations of the instruments in the dashboard. Subsequently, my friend Alban Dury from the Angers GPPA helped me a lot by identifying the instruments. Here is his verdict. 1: Magneto contact graduated in 0, 1, 2 1 + 2 meaning Off,… Continuer de lire Dashboard instruments