Potez 58: The seats

After a long period of shutdown due to COVID-19 and the confinement period, I worked again on the details of the cockpit of my Potez 58. I am fortunate to have the original documents of the seats . Thanks to Air passion (GPPA) from Angers and its vice president Alban Dury.

The cabin is equipped with 3 seats. Two seats at the front and one passenger seat at the rear. I started with the seat cushions and the choice of foam came up very quickly. I tested the soft, hard foam and even styrodur expanded polystyrene.

For the seat covers, I first tried with skaï.

The result is really not great, firstly because the skaï is too thick for the scale and secondly because me and the sewing makes 2 … Anyway, I glue and I try to fold … But it’s not great. Luckily, Madame comes by and examines my work and gives me some notions of sewing. Then she finds me a piece of thin, smooth velvet and tells me how to make the patterns. In short, I have to reproduce the sewing techniques as they could have been done at the time on the cushions.

As you can see on the pictures above, there were many patterns and followed long evenings of sewing on the wrong side to turn the piece inside out and reproduce the seam on the top as on the real one.

Never has a plane part caused me so much pain. Below are the seat cushions. They’re not as good as I would have liked, but I don’t see how I can do better.

Then I started a trunk that will fit under the rear passenger seat. It’s made with a 15/10 PTC and I used a metal worktop and magnets as a square.

Then I put the pedestal, seat, armrest and backrest on the plane. Everything is put down without gluing and adjusting to see how it looks.

I still have a lot of work to do on the front seats, which are much more complicated with the sliding and replicating system for folding the backrest.

Auteur : eol37

Biologist and scientist in my public life, I've been building rc airplanes since I was 14... Biologiste et scientifique dans ma vie publique, je construis des avions rc depuis mes 14 ans...

2 réflexions sur « Potez 58: The seats »

  1. Could you send me a few drawings of the seats. I would like to make 3-D drawings of them and then print them. I would be happy to send you the resulting seats.


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