The mini indoor potez 58, cutting and construction 2

Hello everyone, I continued to build the mini Potez 58 ultra light for indoor flight, see at home if possible. I remind you for those who would like more details than in the « tutorials » part, you can find detailed videos of all phases of construction. Videos will be added as you go.

I remind you for those who would like to build it, that I make available the construction plan which you can download here, right there

So I started by assembling the half wings on the fuselage. The fuselage must be kept vertical by resting on wedges at right angles. Personally, I use a metal worktop with magnets to secure it.

You must be careful to respect the dihedral by leaning on supports and 0.8 mm carbon rods which are placed at the front and rear of the half wings.

To continue, I prepared the movable flaps of the stabilizer and the fin. I use a strip of sandpaper. I put myself at the edge of the work plan and sand at 45 ° each side.

The assembly is completed after checking for perfect squareness. The set is now ready to receive electronics and it weighs 8.3 g. It perfectly matches my objectives which was less than 10 g for the structure of the aircraft without the electronic equipment.

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