The ultra Light mini indoor potez 58, cutting and construction (1)

Hello everyone, I continued to build the mini Potez 58 ultra light for indoor flight, and why not in my living room. I remind you for those who would like more details than in the « tutorials » part, you can find detailed videos of all phases of construction. Videos will be added step by step.

I remind you for those who would like to build it, that I make available the construction plan which you can download here, right there below

So I glued all the pieces with tape on the 3 mm depron (0.119 Inch)

Then I cut using a new blade to avoid dulling the depron.

I then taped and stretched a 3 µm mylar sheet on my work surface. The openwork parts will be covered with mylar and not to put too much weight, I used spray glue from a brand of well-known cultural items

The weather is nice, so I put the glue spray in the garden (mine as it is forbidden to go outside our aown property), in a super thin layer. Attention, all the milligrams gained are important with this kind of construction.

Once the spray adhesive has been deposited, quickly go back to the workshop to glue the pieces with the mylar and to cut off the excess.

I then weighed all of the component parts of the aircraft before final assembly. My goal was to be below 10g (0.35 Oz) and at the moment the mass is 7.5g (0.25). So, it’s all right.

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